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ureter stent recovery

I had a ureter stent removed two weeks ago after they removed a stone in the ureter. The stent was in place 24 days. It was in severe pain since the minute they put it in. During the last 10 days when I had the stent the pain was followed by severe weakness, muscle spasms, muscle aches. They found an infection in the urine for which i took untibiotic. However, those same feeling are still there 2 weeks after they removed the stent. They do not find any infection in the blood or urine. No high temperature. I assume that they are due to ureter spasms because of inflammation. Can anyone who had similar experiences give me some feedback. How long will it last. I am very concerned. I'm about to fly back to California from Madrid Spain urgently to get some medical help for this issue. It seems that i have to stay still all the time. I have noticed that drinking lots of water helps.
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