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urgent question re

hello i did an urine check 24hr check and i had this answers
Albumin-Micro (U)/ 24h- 260.1
Protein (U)/24 hr- -427
Creatinine (U) /24h - 1.5
Urine Volume - 2050
i am a little stressed because i see that part of the test are high
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Hi, you have mild proteinuria. It could be caused by various things but usually it indicates a problem with the kidney' filtering mechanism.
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do i have to be stressed because of this results?
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You don't need to get stressed over this. It's nothing major at the moment, but you do need to have it monitored, because anything over 0.3g per 24 hour urine collection is significant. And if you do have nephritis, you will need to be on medication. Is your kidney function normal? I guess it should be. Any RBC or WBC in your urinalysis? Normal blood pressure?
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all thing is ok including blood pressure
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