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will stress ruin my chances of being a kidney donor

I am going to UAB in a few weeks to undergo a battery of tests to determine if I'm a good match for giving a kidney to my 21 year nephew.  I am a very healthy 43 year old and have always been very fit.  My aging father lives with me and his health just declined severely a month or so ago.  I have just recently been noticing strange heart palpations, clamminess on my skin, taking deep breathes over and over, almost as if I'm having trouble breathing, I'm also experiencing jaw and teeth pain from constant clenching.  This is all rather new and I'm sure it has to do with my dad's health and my frustration with caring for him while still raising two teenagers and working.  I don't mind going through a little stress myself, I'm just worried that UAB will rule me out as a possible donor.  I am my nephew's only blood relative that hasn't been ruled out for other reasons(kidney stones, kidney problems).  Any thoughts?
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