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15mm Echogenic Focus in Kidney

I have been experiencing severe pain in my abdomen and right kidney (I lost my left at 17). I've had a severe kidney infection off and on, a lesion in my ureter was noted on my first ultrasound and continued blood in my urine. A 15mm echogenic focus was noted on my second ultrasound and not identified yet. My first urologist pointed out the lesion in my ureter to my boyfriend and I stating the way the doctor put it in the report was "a vague term and he didn't appreciate it. " The second urologist I've seen hasn't even mentioned it and didn't even go over the ultrasound that found the 15mm echogenic focus. I found out by reading the report myself. I'm being referred to pain management, a Nephrologist and requested to be referred to UCLA Urology department.  Any insight on what this 15mm echogenic focus could be would be greatly appreciated.
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