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24 year old male with kidney sizes both just a bit over 10cm on ultrasound?

Is that too small for kidneys? All my blood levels are within normal limits.
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Normal kidney size in an adult is 9-13 cm in length, but this can vary with patient's age, sex, ethnicity, and height.
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I know they say men typically are at least 11cm but both of mine are only 10.3 ish if I heard her right. I’m 5’9 138lb male
Your kidney size is within the range of 9-13 cm and hence within normal limits. Hope that alleviates your concerns.
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Hello and thank you for the question.  That is probably fine but we suggest you speak to your doctor about this.  Normal would be 11 cm and this is just 1 cm under.  Also, it is important to work on anxiety from a medical stand point.  
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