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Are my kidneys too small for an adult male?

25 male,

Sonography shows left kidney is 10.8cm long right kidney exactly 10cm long is that smaller than normal? Blood tests show function normal but I did have a kidney stone at 14 years old too.
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Spartan, I'm just going to ask this question.  Are you working on your anxiety?  You do seem to have health anxiety that causes you to continue to worry about things. If your kidneys had issues, when you got the sonogram, the doctor would tell you. The normal size for an adult kidney is 10 to 12 cm.  Your kidneys are normal.
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The one kidney is right on the border of too small isn’t it? Even 1cm more and it would be.

Also I did hear size is related to body mass. In my case my height I s average 5 foot 10 inches tall but my BMI is on the very low side of healthy.

Out of curiosity if it was say 9.6cm long or something. Would that be flagged or is something like that still close enough not to worry? I guess what size does one start to think true kidney problem rather than just their personal normal  kidney Size
Nope.  10 to 12 cm is normal.  You ARE normal. You are over . . . WAY OVER thinking this.  Again, I have to ask if you are working on anything like treating an anxiety disorder?  I only ask because you have a lot of health worries and they don't always match the info you're given. Your kidney size, for example.  I have no idea the size of my kidneys.  Said with kindness.  Anxiety is a disorder just like any other disease that needs to be treated.  

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