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Can bruises from scratching be related to kidney issues?

I saw my pcp in February and was told my kidney levels were abnormal so have been following them and now have a referral to a nephrologist. At that appointment was also referred to ortho for severe hip- diagnosed with osteoarthritis. Also referred to dermatologist for sores/bumps on my legs and arms. He told me foliculitis and in my fingernails, which have ridges, yeast infection. I have always had itchy skin but now so itchy I’m scratching till I bruise and they are not small. I have a huge family history of autoimmune disease, sle being the biggest. I’ve been tested but so far negative. My mom thinks I should see a rheumatologist. Should I push for that or continue as is?
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The diagnoses so far don't indicate a rheumatologist.  They really don't do a lot of diagnosis, they mostly treat pain as the diseases they treat are usually incurable.  Since you have been told you have osteoarthritis, that's not a rheumatologist thing necessarily but it does indicate either you are deficient in your magnesium and/or calcium, which can be caused by overdoing calcium and not tending to your magnesium, such as by using a lot of dairy.  They need to be electrical balance to have strong bones.  Or it could be you injured yourself years ago and it's evolved to this because the injury wasn't treated properly.  The fungal infections can be a common reaction to someone who has had antibiotic treatment, so if you have had that it could have wiped out what protects you from such things.  Scratching that hard won't solve the problem, you have to treat the fungus and eventually rebuild your immune system in the part of it made up of organisms that can die off either from a bad diet or taking antibiotics so you don't spend years taking antifungals that will keep killing off the good organisms.  I'm also wondering about the kidney.  Sometimes docs look at creatine levels and creatinine levels that aren't actually all that high but are borderline high and tell you from a blood test you have potential disease, but until that's confirmed those tests aren't very useful.  In other words, these things seem like very separate problems, and it's really a pain when you have several things go wrong at the same time, as I can confirm from painful experience.  Peace.
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