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Chronic UTI

Since July I have had a UTI that won't go away even after 6 days in the hospital. They do cultures and sometimes it grows something and then sometimes it doesn't. They put me on antibiotics and while on antibiotics it shows that it is clearing up but as soon as I am taken off the infection comes right back. Originally, I had PID with UTI. Now, the UTI won't go away. I'm tired of being in pain. My brother is a nurse and said chronic UTI can lead to dialysis. Is that true? I go to my Urologist this morning. Over the weekend I ended up in the ER from impaction from pain medicine. My BP was 163/114. Any suggestions for a 30 yr old female falling apart? Please give me some answers. Thank You...Chrisen
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I am in the same boat as you.  Though I was not diagnosed with Chronic UTI, I get constant UTIs and sometimes it grows culture and sometimes it does not.  Even if put on actibiotics, the symptoms remain (frequency, pain, discomfort, etc.).  I have a doc appt on Dec. 8., my doctor said she is going to talk to me about insterstitial cystitis, a disease which is coming more and more common.  After doing much research on this, I discovered that women can get many bacterial infections, along with times where no bacteria present.  When no bacteria is present you still feel the same symptoms as if you had a bladder infection.  When you feel the pain, discomfort, frequent urination, etc., it is a sign of a bladder attack.  Interstitial cystitis is also known as Painful Bladder Syndrom (PBS).  Have you heard of it?  This is where the inner membrane on the wall of the bladder starts to deteriorate and it can be very mild in some patients, but very severe in others.  This diagnosis is usually made by exhausting all other possibility first, and then they use a cytoscopy (a camera through the urethra to see bladder) to see if any lesions are on the wall of the bladder and if there are any signs of IC.  This may be something that is happening with you.  and YES, if you have recurring bladder infections, and recurring attacks on the bladder, it increased your chance for kidney problems.  The urological system is all connected, and overdue stress to the bladder can cause many harmful issues.  It is best to talk to your doctor about this IC immediately.

As an alternative, it may just be a kidney infection, where sometimes bacteria is not present.  Perhaps you are resistent to the antibiotics that they prescribed you as well.

please keep in touch and let me know what they say!!


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When I had research for same thing late 60's they found spina bifida occulta and petit mall , fatty liver and scarred kidneys. I have had a urthrotomy[ keyhole] as have double ureters and urine also stagnates . Do not feel pain but neurosymptons . Had cardiac arrest 2 years ago Am checked every 3 weeks by Prof  . Just found out that ginko biloba aspirin  should not go with nitrofurantoin
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