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Flank and bladder pain- blood in urine

I’ve been having a dull ache in my right kidney, constant for 3 weeks, and some bladder pain on and off. All urine cultures are negative. The last test showed trace blood in urine..
Any thoughts on what this could be?
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It was my gallbladder, not my kidney. Answering here in hopes to help others !
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hey, that is great you came back and told us!  What did they do for your gallbladder?  What was the issue and how did they treat it if you don't mind me asking.
Sorry for the delay. I missed the notification.
So actually at the time this was happening the Dr.’s did not figure it out. My uro found a large gallbladder stone but said they’re usually asymptotic and said it would not cause my right flank pain!
I went to my regular dr who dismissed me and said I needed PT.
I was desperate to feel better.. I just took any supplement I thought would help me feel better, and ate healthy. It’s soon passed.
Until June of 2021.. I started having similar pains but way more intense. After a week of being in pain and being dismissed from yet another doctor, I ended up with emergency surgery to have my chronically and acutely infected gallbladder removed.  
I had this issue on and off for 12 years!
To me it felt like my right kidney but it was my gallbladder. The pain in my uterus area was likely from the constipation.  
Hope that helps and again sorry for the delay!
wow----  REALLY appreciate your coming back with this update (though I didn't see it in a timely manner, apologies).  That's an amazing journey.  All better since gallbladder removal? Pain is so hard to determine the main source. I AM surprised your doctors did not investigate the gallbladder though.  I hope it is all better. Severe constipation is truly problematic and pain causing. Let me know how you are doing.
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Keep working with your doctor.  While it is rare, you could have a negative urine culture but STILL have a UTI. Lot of times a doctor will treat you 'as if' and give you antibiotics to see if it clears up. Believe it or not, standard midstream urine cultures miss 90% of bacteria.  Guessing you really do have a uti.
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