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I recently had an ultrasound and they found "spots" on both kidneys

the ultrasound detected spots on both kidneys and now I have to have a CT scan.  What could this mean?
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Lesions in the kidneys may represent cysts (simple or complex), masses (benign or malignant), stones, or artifact. If you have access to the radiology report, you can post the findings here and we can help you to decipher the medical terminology.
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My mom is 78 with a history of kidney problem since birth. Her right one failed at age 23 after a bad infection. Always has bladder and kidney infections. She’s on constant antibiotics because of bladder. They checked to see if it was due to failure void. Not it. Now she got back her scans and they say spots on her right kidney. Could it be scarring?
I too started having problems ( in hindsight) after the birth of my daughter at age 18. When I was 50 my kidneys (both) suddenly  and without warning failed. They never knew what caused it. I was on dialysis for 6 weeks. Now at 60 I have keep an eye on my blood work-because the docs don’t. Now my 5is at age 59 is ill. Same symptoms I had but didn’t the warning signs. Other two siblings are fine. I researched PKD. Believe she may have pollyps.
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