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I think my mother was let down by her GP/hospital

I'm really not sure if this is the right place to post, but it appears to me, that my mother died from a urological issue that should have been easy enough to deal with if it had been monitored appropriately. I have been through the NHS complaints procedure, and I don't really have the knowledge or experience to understand exactly what she died from and it looks like the end of the road for getting my questions answered by them.  If anyone would be willing to look at her case, as it has been described, I can post the details of test results and diagnosis (no identifying info of course). I'd just really like to be able to understand and get some closure
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First, my deepest sympathy for the loss of your mom. That's so hard.  I lost my mom when she was just 52 years old and have never fully recovered to be honest.  Her situation was termed a 'medical misadventure' during her autopsy which is code for malpractice. My mom's malpractice issue was follow up of care post surgery.  She died of sepsis and had signs of it that the doctor did not follow up on. The surgical error itself was not the reason for malpractice as there is inherent risk in surgery. It's the care after that is to look for signs of issues. We did settle a lawsuit as the doctor neglected proper care. I live in the US. I'm not sure of laws in the UK.  I'm not sure if consulting with an attorney is something you can do either.  We did. Malpractice is tricky. There are lots of protective factors for doctors but bottom line, if they neglected to properly care for your mother, that would be malpractice. What urological issues did she die of?  Were they identifiable and should have/were being monitored? If caught, would it have been reversible?
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