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Kidney Dieses

I am suffering from Kidney disorder which was diagnosed in 2001  and chronic pancreatits from 2003 my creatinine level is always remain constant from 2001 to value 2.0 to 2.4 and Blood Urea between 45 to 55, Amylase is 300 and lipase is 500 approx

Albumine in Urine is "++" RBC in Urine is 2-3hpf,

My biopsy report is as under

Specimen type : Renal Biopsy

Gross Description : Received in formalin single specimen labelled renal biopsy and consisting of one 1 cms delicate core of renal tissue. Submitted entire (NTL)

Microscopy : Adequate rnal biopsy but linked by member of fomalin seen.

Glomeruli : 4 in number of which 3 are sclerosed. Marked nephronal loss is seen. Single intact glomerulus shows enlargement with mesangial hypercellularity. Necrotising features of creascents are not seen.

Tubules : Show vacuolated cytoplasm and frayed luminal edges indicating proteinuria. Some tubules appear atrophic with thyroidisation.

Interstitium : Shows scarring with scattered foci of lymphocytic infiltration are seen.

Blood vessels are occasional in number and do not show a necrotising arteritis.

Diagnosis : Nephronal loss with scarring suggestive of an ischemic process of indetermiante etiology.

Please suggest and tell me what actual position is mine
what was the reason of kidney problem

thanks & rgds
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yes sir that is amyloidosis, But with that it not found what was the reason behind scaring of my kidney.

Can u suggest me any test by that the specific reason for this scaring can be traced ?

thanks & rgds
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Hello Roxy,

Feeling so sorry to hear about your illness.

Have you undergone the tests for amyloidosis? I feel its amyloidosis from whatever you have mentioned.

May be you can see your doctor or take another opinion on this and keep me in loop.


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