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Kidney issue

I'm reaching out because i'm sick of being in pain for the last 5 Months and nobody can figure out what is wrong.
My story:
Roughly 20 years ago I had extremely bad right quadrant pain which turned out to be my right kidney had become very enlarged due to blockage. Turns out my ureter was tangled with an artery. Had surgery, removed ureter from kidney, untangled and reattached to kidney, not microscope method.
Now, well, five months ago I started having bad right quadrant pains, again. The pain reminded me of the same pain from 20 years ago. I finally started seeing my doctor about it. All tests come back, "normal". In the exam stages, they found I had a very serious double hernia bulging, turns out not strangulated. They thought due to the severity of the hernias, maybe that was the cause of my abdominal pain.
Had the double hernia repaired and i'm still dealing with this pain.
Pain feels like my right kidney is under tremendous pressure and occasionally like someone just stabbed me at an angle towards my groin. In top of that, I get a pain shooting into my right testi like someone just electrocuted me there. The first urologist said, and I quote "it's not your plumbing". My kidney is enlarged, but it's the same size as your last scan two or three years ago. End of our five minute visit.
Then had a flow test done and new urologist said, right side is a little slower than the left but within specs.
Insurance change, new urologist said, I've had about every test there is to check kidney function and it appears to be working fine with no stones. But your symptoms show it's a kidney issue. So let's take a camera up your track, if there's any blockage he'll put a stent in. He still doesn't believe it's my kidney but has no idea what else it could be. I had been a very active person, but now I am very restricted and I feel like nobody knows what's really causing this.
I have a very high tolerance for pain and don't even usually go to the doctor unless it's something very serious, I have been to the ER three times for this and just get sent home with pain killers.
Side note: I am one of those people that has very strange and rare things happen to, example: I have an eye dystrophy that nobody else outside my family has, according to Johns Hopkins.
Is there anyone or group of doctors that can figure this out?
I'm scheduled for this camera thing on the 30th because nobody feels this is an urgent problem.
Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
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