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I have MS and COPD, HBP was put on meds for the HBP in 2016 it was never really out there high, and am on Losartan 50mg and HTC 12.5mg and on Rosuvastatin for high cholesterol 10MG, oh and last but not least, Copaxone 40MG injection for my MS. Last May all my bloodwork was normal range. On the 5th of Oct had a brain and spine MRI with contrast they did a quick kidney test and my creatinine was high @ 1.6 Last May it was 1.17 normal. What is frightening me is the 50 eGFR. The eGFR was normal back in May. I am worried!!!
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Hello. You do have a lot going on!  With your 50 eGFR, they will monitor that for three months, yes? It it remains low, that is indicative of kidneys not working properly.  I understand your concern. What does your doctor say about this. I would stay hydrated during this time.  When caught early, these things can be improved!  Stay on top of this.  Blood pressure okay?  Diabetes checked? These are big ones to make sure are under control for the kidneys.  Let me know any update.
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