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My dad has CKD with creatnine 8.6 currently

My dad has ckd from past 2 years his creatnine fluctuate between 3-4-5 and is on several medications including diabetes.
He occasionally have hematuria every 3-4 months in last 9-10 months ,currently he is having fever that occasionally goes up to 103 F  and is hospitalized right now with below reports.
creatnine 8.6 ,pus cell in urine 8-10 ,uti negative.
Doctors are telling to get a dialysis now but family is not ready ,earlier also when he was hospitalized ceatnine reached 8.2 but came down to 3 later .
Is there an option to ignore the dialysis ,also let me know if homeopathy has treatment for the condition as I have seen people getting cured from homeopathy in online posts and contacted several homeopathic drs and they say it will cure it.
what is your opinion ?
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Answer the creatine question. Anything over 3 is dangerous. I was hospitalized at 7 and it went up to 11 before they did dialysis. They told me at 12 level is all our no turning back dialysis for the rest of my life. Found out later it cause by high blood calcium from overgrown hyperactive parathyroids (which all 4 were removed). The kidneys are working too hard. NSAIDS are kidney killers-except Tylenol which is excreted thru the liver.
IMO Dialysis is not harmful, just annoying. I was on it 6 weeks. You need to find the source causing high creatine and low GFR. Meats should be avoided right now. Tried many herbs that didn’t work. Only surgery helped. But I still have to keep my BP down, watch what I take (no NSAIDS) and foods high in creatine. No coffee or teas. Lots of water. Still not in optimal kidney health but better than I was.
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I agree with CHIN_C.  Homeopathy is nothing apart from sugar pills, no matter what anyone tells you.  Homeopathy is based on a long-debunked premise that "like cures like."  What actually happens is that the "medication," which is usually a placebo or not a cure, is placed in a vial of water and mixed up.  Then, 1/100th of that solution is placed in another vial of water and mixed up.  That same process is performed several hundred times - the end product will have only a microscopic trace, if any trace at all, of the original substance and will effectively be just water.

That does not sound like a treatment plan for a serious condition.  Most people who claim to have been "cured" by homeopathy were never ill to begin with, or are paid spokespeople for the homeopathic "doctor."  Please do not fall for it.  Follow the REAL doctor's plan if you want your father to live.
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Listen to the doctors. Follow evidence-based medicine. Avoid pseudoscience/quackery!
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