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Seeking Guidance and Advice for Kidney Condition

Dear Forum Members,

I am reaching out to seek guidance and advice concerning my kidney condition, with a particular focus on my right kidney, which is currently my only functioning kidney. Please allow me to provide you with a comprehensive overview of my situation.

My left kidney has been diagnosed with hydronephrosis level 4, but it remains in my body, and I have come to terms with the fact that it is non-functional. Consequently, my primary concern lies with my right kidney, which now bears the responsibility of performing all kidney functions, operating at approximately 90% capacity.

In January 2022, I visited a urologist who conducted an ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and dynamic scintigraphy. The urologist informed me that everything appeared "okay" following these tests. Notably, there were no kidney stones present, but my right kidney exhibited a delay in function. However, the application of contrast resolved this delay, and no blockages were found.

Subsequently, I began experiencing peculiar noises originating from my right kidney every time I consumed fluids. These noises resembled a toilet flush and the sound of a thunderstorm. Troubled by this development, I sought the opinion of another urologist, who also conducted similar diagnostic procedures, including an ultrasound examination specifically focused on my right kidney. Once again, the urologist assured me that everything was normal, ruling out the presence of kidney stones, and attributing the delay in function to my right kidney. The administration of contrast confirmed its normal functionality. Furthermore, a blood test yielded satisfactory results.

In January of this year, I began experiencing a burning sensation in the area surrounding my right kidney, accompanied by pain when pulling door handles. Seeking further reassurance, I consulted my urologist once again, who performed an additional ultrasound scan, which revealed a normal-looking kidney. Since then, the situation has remained stable. However, it is important to highlight that I occasionally experience fleeting episodes of nerve pain specifically within my kidney. These episodes last only a few seconds before subsiding. Additionally, I occasionally feel twitches in the area, and on some occasions, I experience a sensation as if I am utilizing the strength of my kidney while lifting weights.

Given the complexity of my situation and the persistent symptoms I experience, I humbly request your valuable opinions and suggestions. I am open to any insights or alternative perspectives you may have as I strive to find a more definitive explanation and potential solutions for my condition.

Thank you for taking the time to read my message, and I eagerly await your responses.
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Are there any updates?
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This sounds like a lot you are dealing with. What is the latest with your doctor? Kidney disease is usually a 'silent' disease, literally. I've never heard of hearing something wrong with them with your bare ear. Are you sure it is not your bowel making noises?
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