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Treatment for kidney failure

Hello to all , im new here juste registerd hear , we are very embarrassed and I will like to hear from a specialist . My elder brother has been on dialysis for over 5 years now , last month he was directed to one researcher that treat kidney and liver failure , we were very afraid because doctors used to warn us not to try anything like a treatment for kidney failure natural nor chemical , but one doctor assured us that the treatment is effective .My elderbrother decided to try for just for some days and test his gfr and creatinine . Gfr was 7 creat 91 , after 2 weeks creat 26 gfr 32 , red blood cells moved from 2.500.000 to 2.800.000 after 3 days , after showing this tests to his doctor he said he should stop dialysis.  The qts is stopping dialysis will it not cause problems? We are very much afraid  and happy at the same time because he is having more strength dans before and can eat some food that he was not eating before. Thanks hoping to read from a specialist soon
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