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Ureter is bent and hydronephrosis

Hello, I have one atrophic kidney and the other kidney is compensating for this and is now 15.6 cm in size and emptying slowly.  After tests and scans I was told that the ureter has a bend in it and the renal pelvis is distended.  This was found out a year ago and no medical staff actually did anything about it other than test my bloods, do ultrasounds and a nuclear tracer to find out my situation, but nothing has been actually done.  When I saw the nephrologist she said I was ok, come back in seven months, the urologist said, I had hydronephrosis, come back in four months, he said that he would operate and cut some of the ureter out, reattach it, put a tube in and a catheter but he will discuss it further in four months.  If hydronephrosis has already killed off my left kidney, surely if I have only the other one left and that has problems, shouldnt I be seen earlier and have something done before this one is permanently damaged???? my bloods were all good, my function in the kidney is 96% but its 20 percent slower in emptying than it should be -  why would they leave me so long?? obvioiusly I am going back to find out but would like some feedback or opinions.  Thank you.
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

Sometimes, when one kidney is affected leading to shrunken kidney, the other undergoes what we call compensatory hypertrophy (enlargement) and this could sometimes cause a continuous dull pain on the corresponding loin (low back). It could also cause kinking of the ureter and corresponding hydronephrosis. As the kidney is functioning well, your doctor could have opted to wait for the surgery.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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if the ureter is kinked then the kidney will drain slowly. this will cause intermittent hydronephrosis.  I have no bladder and so my ureters are attached to a piece of bowel that then protrudes (stoma) into a urine bag.  I had recurrent hydronephrosis as it wasnt draining properly. Noone did anything, depsite the fact that this casued chronic pyelonenephritis. I was spetic a lot and in ICE for same. It tokk them 18 months to fix it. Now the infections have decreased but I have gone into rapid progression of CKD as they took so long to act. DO something, see someone else asap!!!!!!  my kidney function stayed at mid 80s and then progressively fell to 32 in only 9 months, the progression is too far and cannot now be stopped
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