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kidney problems

my 6 year ols daughter as had a kidney infection, i have been there could be scaring on the kidney and the kidney could be hourse shoe shaped. what problems could these symtoms bring also what can this mean.thanks worried mum
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I really would not worry about the one infection.My daughter was about 6 years old when she started getting UTI.It seem like she was getting one after another.I was reffered to a urologist specialist and found out she only had one kidney and had number 5 reflux in that kidney,so she had surgery on that kidney and so far so good.No more infections,and she is now 10 and doing fine.Good luck with your little girl,i know they worry the hell out of you but try to take one day at a time or the stress will make you sick.
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I'm sorry to hear about your daughter. I am not to familiar with horseshoe kidney although I have heard of a few times. As for the scarring with her kidneys did they mention a glomeri disease?
Has she undergone a kidney biopsy at all?
It's hard to say what problems can be brought about from this. I have FSGS and was DX with it 30 plus years ago. I am in stage 3/4 failure now.
I don't even know I should post my issues as I don't want to worry you. Everyone is different, it all depends on the type of disease she has and how it progresses.
Are they doing any scans of her kidneys, MRI's, CT Scans, ultrasound, lasix renal scan?
Have they done a cystoscopy on her?
Sorry for the questions, I've been through all these and more, I'm trying to get an idea to answer your question better.
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