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low potassium diet

I have Wegener's and need to be on low pot. diet I need to know what I can eat everything I find is what is high in pot. But nothing on what I can eat.
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I  would  avoid all  salt  subtitutes  (most are  loaded with  potassium).
Also  check  food  labels   at the  supermarket.

Fruits  and  veggies  high  in  K:
Oranges,  bananas, kiwi  fruit,  melons,  nectarines,  mangoes,  papayas,  avocadoes, tomatoes,  squash

here's  a  site  with  more  info:

The  following  site   breaks  down  the  nutritional  value  of  foods:

Hope this  helps!

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I would talk to your nephrologist about going to see a dietician. They can help you with meal planning. DaVita is a kidney website with a great recipe booklet and they list potassium in their foods. Even if you don't use the recipes it should give you ideas on what types of foods are okay to use. Like for example they use apples a lot so I imagine they are low potassium.

Good luck.
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