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regarding the kidney disease

3 year baby is having a Grade 1 RPD disorder (large amount of protein is leaking through urine ) which she undergone treatment about 1 and half years, till now the problem doesn't cleared. By doing urine diagnosis the protein level in it is 2+ to 3+ so kidney biopsy is taken and it states that one of the kidney filter is not working properly. Doctors are saying that it is curable and treatment is continuing but for the past one week the medicines what she is taking is not responding by her body and urea content in the blood got increased and flow of urine had stopped. After changing some medicines a little amount only she urinated and the blood urea level comes to 25-30 but the edema is all over her body especially the abdomen part is more. Is there any suggestions. Pls let me know if any experts know any solutions to save the baby. thank you in advance
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You didn't get an answer to which I'm sorry.  It has been a month.  How is your baby girl doing now? I hope better.  It actually sounds like you have pretty great doctors caring for her.  I imagine this is very scary.  What are they discussing? Controlling the issue as is or are they considering removing the problematic kidney?  You only need one to live.  And most who have one kidney live a normal lifespan.  https://www.kidney.org/atoz/content/onekidney
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