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Kidney stone prevention

I passed the kidney stone now I started taking Magnesium citrate for kidney stone prevention?
and where do I buy 10 mg of pyridoxine (vitamin B6)?
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I can only tell you what I've been told over the years I've dealt with kidney stones. Drink plenty of water daily and make sure that your urine stays clear in color when you urinate. When you think you're drinking enough water, then drink another 8 oz glass of it. Additionally, recently I've started taking Flomax (generic version) on a daily basis.

A very down to earth and honest Urologist recently told me what I'd known for years after trying this or that over the years to prevent more stones. To quote this Urologist, "the only thing you can really do to help with preventing seeing me again for more kidney stones is to keep drinking lots of water. Even then, if you're prone to get them you will, but hopefully with the amount of water you're drinking and the Flomax helping too, you'll pass more of the stones you form and pass them more easily too".

That by far was the most honest answer I've ever gotten from a medical professional since, as I said, I've tried various and many other so called prevention type supplements and none have ever really worked, or helped. I've still gotten the stones over all these years. A couple of the biggest misconceptions that surprised me were drinking Cranberry juice or lemon juice.in water. Neither of those widely touted kidney stone prevention aids do a bit of good, according to medical professionals and written medical materials on the subject.
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Lemon water will help keep a stone from getting bigger but won't dissolve it!
Told by a Kidney Surgeon (thought leader).
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I'm beginning to think that there are as many different opinions among medical professionals as there are opinions among us non professionals. In my above post, I was only repeating what another kidney surgeon (Urologist)  told me. As you can easily see, your professional and the one I spoke to, differ dramatically on their opinions.
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