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Uretha hurting

About a month ago out of nowhere I got this pain in my uretha. I figured it was some kind of UTI. My urine in the morning would be cloudy every only once in a while then it would be ok again. So,  I had a prescription for pencillin and after 2 days It felt like it was trying to stop. My urine has cleared up, has good color. But, I still have this feeling like something is sharp moving in my uretha. Today I didn't really feel anything until I got in shower & it started hurting. It is doing it now. It feels like something in moving in there and it's Sharp. It also is now shooting sharp pains right in the middle of my Vagina. Sorry, I wanted to tell you about my symptoms first. Can anyone tell me or give me advice on what you think it might be. It's hard to go to Dr. cause I don't have ins. Or cash. Thanks in advance
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I'm sorry to hear about your discomfort but at the present time the only suggestion I can give you is possibly to wait, IF you can stand the discomfort, and see if whatever is causing your pain will pass. BUT DON'T WAIT TOO LONG!! I say that only because of your situation regarding having no medical insurance. An X Ray or Cat Scan would probably show you pretty quick what is causing you the discomfort you're experiencing and then you'd know for sure. If you had a kidney stone passing and it was causing this discomfort for you, I wonder why then it didn't give you pain fits while passing through your kidney first. I'd bite the bullet if I were you and go see a doctor if there is anyway possible. Being a female, you have other issues that we men don't face that could be serious for you if left unattended. Please let us know how you make out.
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Hi Abby,

It's your friendly urologist here.

Sounds like your urethral pain could be coming from anything. I see all kinds of things such as urinary tract infections, STD's, kidney stones, vaginal problems, etc, that all cause pain the urethra. A good place to start would be a urinalysis. Some urinalysis test strips can be had over the counter which might be a good place to start. Otherwise, I would recommend seeing a physician if you can.

Best wishes,

Dr. Holland
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