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27 years old & 8 stones

I passed my first kidney stone at age 20 ( probably had them before then but just Mia diagnosed)
Passed about 2 a year since then.  
Have been going to urologist with no real preventative care, they only wanted to help when I had a stone.  
-roughly 4 stones in each kidney.
-Calcium oxalate.
-Only one stone collected and it was 5mm
-Lithotripsy done once
-24 he urine collection done and the office has results ( I will see them next week at the appt)
-no family history of stones
-I live a healthy life.  Drink 2-3 liters of water daily and have for years.  Eat well.  No pop, rarely eat junk food or processed foods.  
-not overweight 5'2" and 108 lbs

Now that you know my history.  I have an appointment with my urologist next week.  I have been with them for 3 years (I'll admit I wasn't on top. Of finding answers when I was pregnant and had my son.  But it on the back burner!)

All I have gotten for answers is the urologist handing me a pamphlet on what to eat and what not to eat!  

If you were in my position would you demand more answers?? More tests and blood work!?  I feel like I'm to young to have so many stones and no way to prevent or know what is causing them.  

Should I demand more answers or are they doing everything they can?
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Stones can hit you at any age and the fact that you're having as many stones as you are would indicate that your own body likes to produce those little buggers. Age is not a factor in any of it! I'm in the same boat with you, although I'm quite a bit older than you at this point and didn't start having stones until I was about ten years older than you are now. Your Urologist can give you more answers than it sounds like you've gotten so far and probably will in your appointment next week. YOU can learn a great deal on your own about kidney stones by checking on the internet in a number of places, but as my Urologist told me and I'll now pass onto you, "If your body is prone to producing kidney stones, it will produce them. You can try and do the things that will cut down on their production, but in the end you most likely you won't eliminate their production completely."  He told me this as I was leaving his office after a check-up from his having surgically removed three stones from me a year and a half ago. (Those 3 stones took me well above a total of 35 stones in my lifetime so far) His last words to me were said laughingly, "See you next time!!"

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Thank you. Every time I go in they say " your awfully young to have so many stones".  
So I assume there is something off balance chemically in my body that is producing stones.  
My urologist office seem to only want to see me when I have kidney stone pain not to get answers.  
They didn't want me to make this appointment but my 24 hr urine study results are in and Ihey haven't mailed them to me so if like to go over everything Face to face.
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