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8mm struvite stone

I had a Percutaneous nephrolithotomy  done for a very large kidney stone. It came back as struvite and calcium. They were unable to get all of the stone out and I am left with a 8 mm stone. I had one shock wave treatment but it did not work, I am due for another. Do these types of stone dissolve if one takes Vit C and Lemon Juice? I was hopeing at least to help soften the stone for the shock therapy would work better.
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A detailed history and work up is important for correct diagnosis and management of your condition. Struvite stones are called infection stones and are  commonly observed in people who have factors that predispose them to UTIs like  those with spinal cord injury,reflux disorders and obstructive uropathies etc.These  can grow rapidly, forming large calyceal staghorn calculi requiring invasive surgery such as percutaneous nephrolithotomy for definitive treatment.Consult a nephrologist and take treatment as advised. The size and location of stone will help in deciding the exact course of management. Do keep me posted.
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Are they considering doing uterolithotripsy maybe to retrieve the rest of the 8mm stone.  I agree with the doctor's post above .. do ask your doctor .. Anything taken w/o his/her permission may not be good especially if the stone is infectious type.  8.0 mm could also pose a risk if it gets stuck and that type of stone is generally very painful with the sharp pointed protusions.

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