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Bleeding with kidney stones

Hello! I am not 100% sure I'm dealing with kidney stones but I'm almost positive. I've had random bouts of bloody urine the past couple months. I had a ct scan Friday and am waiting on results.

My most recent bleeding has lasted about 2 weeks. This is what prompted my visit to the urologist. It started during my menstrual cycle and never let up. It would go from gross to microscopic and back again. I've deslt with minor aches and pains in both my back and pelvic area, similar to menstrual cramps. Nothing major. Last Tuesday I was stopped with sharp pains from my back to abdomen and towards my hip area. It wasn't excruciating but not very comfortable by Any means either. That lasted about an hour and a half, in waves. This got me thinking maybe it was in fact stones causing the blood.

Friday was my ct scan with contrast. Friday night the urge to urinate was insane. I had to sit with my legs crossed, holding my private area (sorry!!) to even be slightly comfortable. Saturday I woke up with dull pain in my back which was relieved after I urinated. Some minor aches saturday and by Sunday was feeling completely normal. No blood visibly or microscopicly.

This morning my first Urine was a little brown. Ever since it's been clear. I'm drinking a ton of water, which I was never in the habit of ever doing. No more aches and pains.

How long can bleeding last after a stone is passed?

Stones run in my family from my father, brother, my fathers siblings and my cousins. Also at my physical last year my blood showed a little elevation in calcium levels which I know can lead to stones.

Does it sound like stones? Has anyone had a similar experience with bleeding?? I can't wait to get my results!!!!!
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The simple answer to one of your questions is "YES", it very well could be kidney stones. Early last year I suffered with three kidney stones for about 3 months, off and on, with blood in my urine, both heavy to the point where my urine looked completely brown or red, depending on the day, or very light and almost couldn't be seen.

After having contrast you might have, as you had, the severe urge to urinate, depending on your body. I've personally had contrast and had no severe urge and then reacted the way you did another time.

With your urine being slightly brown yesterday morning, I'd say that you most likely have a stone or multiple stones. Thankfully you had your recent Cat Scan and that will definitely tell you what the situation is FOR SURE regarding any stone or stones. From that point, you and your Urologist can form a game plan to relieve your situation. Good Luck and please keep us posted.
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