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Calcium phosphate stone diet..

I recently passed a 7.5mm stone(I am a 30 year old male). Three years ago I passed on that was bigger, and at that time it was calcium oxalate. This time it is calcium phosphate. I have been drinking about a half of a glass of lemon juice a day(diluted), and am trying to cut back on my sodium, but want to know what kind of dirt I should follow to prevent more stones. I drink a good amount of water a day already and I am vegetarian(I eat eggs and dairy though). I am worried because it was horrible passing the stone. I have been reading that lemon juice is good at preventing calcium stones, but it may be bad for phosphate stones, so I am not sure if I should keep with the lemon juice. I should also note that I do not have insurance(its a long story How I was able to get the stone analysed), and though I am trying to get insurance, I still want some advice to prevent these stones.

Thanks in advance!
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Calcium is my basic problem with forming numerous stones too. Over the past 30 plus years I have tried drinking the lemon water too and it didn't help one little bit. Also tried cranberry juice with the same result. What I have been doing and it has helped a bunch so far is NOT drinking tap water and only drinking bottled water. This spring, I passed 3 years without having a stone, which for me is great! I used to get one or more a year. I also started taking a medication called FloMax prescribed for me by the VA Urologist and it seems to be working great, in conjunction with the bottled water. There is a generic brand for FloMax that is cheaper too. I'd sure look into getting on a daily FloMax regiment and watching what kind of water I was drinking. Oh yeah, as a non vegiterian, I'd also suggest a great big steak too! May not help you with the kidney stone problem but it sure will make you feel better!! LOL! Good Luck and I can both sympathize and empathize with you on your last 7 plus cc stone! Been there/done that!
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