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Can Lithotripsy cause pain or stone passage in opposite kidney ?

Pain on opposite side of Lithotripsy

by Horseshoe5, 6 minutes
Yesterday I had my 9th lithotripsy. It was the second shock treatment on my right side to break up a 10mm stone. I had some typical pain on my right flank & abdomen yesterday afterward but I've got no visible blood in my urine & haven't passed any fragments despite drinking tons of water. Today I have the typical kidney pain on my left side (which is NOT the side I had the litho on). The pain is pretty intense & not relieved by 10mg of Toradol. I also have nausea but no vomiting.   I do have a 8.7mm stone in the left kidney & there is a plan to litho the left kidney sometime soon. I have a horseshoe kidney, so my kidneys are not completely severed. I've never had a litho give me pain on the opposite side before. Can litho on one kidney cause pain in the other kidney? Can litho on one kidney cause a stone in the other kidney  to move or begin passing?
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