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Can kidney stones cause blood in urine without pain?

My father has kidney stones in both kidneys. He has undergone both laser surgery as well as actual removal surgery to take care of the bulk of them. As of his last ultrasounds/x-rays, there are still stones present, but they have not been causing any problems.
As of yesterday, he has been presenting with blood in the urine. Is it likely that the stones could be causing this blood, even without pain? He has no pain in his sides or back, and urination is not painful either (thus not likely a bladder infection).
He has already been to the doctor who has done bloodwork etc., but I am just anxious about it and hoping it can be possible for this to be simply related to his kidney stones, rather than something more sinister.
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Yes, they for me they always do .. oftentimes I test + for blood w/o having symptoms and then a week later pass a stone.  I think they move around and cause the blood visible or naked to the eye.

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Just to update, my father did pass what appears to be a small stone a few days after the bleeding (it is dark though and more flat than I would have expected a stone to be). He also found out that he tested positive for a bladder infection. He has his appointment with urologist in a few weeks. I am expecting he will perform a cystoscopy, and I'm really hoping there is nothing else wrong.
Hi hows your father? What is the diagnosis? Thanks
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

The common causes for painless bleeding in the urine are infections of the kidney/bladder, disorders of the kidney/bladder, benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH), certain blood disorders, strenuous exercise and certain medications. And sometimes renal stones too can cause painless bleeding by irritating the bladder wall.  

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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My husband had undergone a kidney stone operation 2 years back.After operation he had pain in his penis for about 6-8 months.Later when he re consulted doctor,he found that some tube was left in his penis while operating kidney stone which caused pain for 6-8 months and had blood in urine.later the tube was removed.
Now, i see he has a very weak interest in sex and i feel  the penis doesn't seem to be erect for a long time and ready for sexual activity.
Does this operation had made his fertility less.Please help.
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You dont need to worry, that tume must be a stunt, its just a kind of plastic tube, supports urinary tact and prevents it from contracting.
It does not have to do anything with fertility..
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I was diagnosed with kidney stones about three years ago. At the time I was drinking a lot of tea and was told to cut down. I noticed that when my urine stream becomes constricted, that I will most likely pass a very small stone. I usually never notice the stone when it passes, but I will get bright red blood at the beginning of my urine stream. Often it will also contain what looks like a small congealed mass of blood that looks like a forming clot. My doctor mentioned that the bright red color is most likely from the stone nicking a capillary on it's way out. That is the only real way that I know that a stone has been passed. This usually lasts a few days, but it does create issues until the clot inside heals over. I was told, however, if the blood looks dark, then to come in and get it checked out, as it may be something quite different.

Some years after I started seeing blood when a stone has passed, I was diagnose with Type II Diabetes. Not sure if this is connected, but I get bloodwork done ever six months now. So far, so good...
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