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Could this be a kidney stone?

Kidney stones run on my mother's side and I am not sure of they're hereditary but both my grandmother and uncle have them.

Lately, I have been feeling awkward sharp pains in my lower abdominal area and sometimes in my upper abdominal.  At first, I was worried that I might be pregnant, because my last period was almost non-visible, so I took two pregnancy tests.  However, both of the tests were negative.  

For the last week, I have been needing to go to the bathroom a lot more than previously.  I used to only have to use the toilet to urinate four to five times a day- now, it's been about eight to nine times.

Anyway, the last time that I used the restroom, I noticed a strange discharge.  It didn't look like a blood clot- it was was various shades of orange and almost looked like a tiny flower.  It was actually appealing to me and I couldn't help but think, "how pretty," it was.  I felt a bit freaked out quickly after thinking it was pretty and flushed the toilet immediately after.

Does this sound like a kidney stone?  

Thank you

I am a 25 year old female who has both MS and PCOS.  I take various medications for treatment.
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Kidney stones are hereditary for sure.  It's unfortunate but that's what I've been told by all my doctors.  And in my family, all have had them but interesting to note -- different types!
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