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Debilitating fatigue with kidney stone still in kidney?

I recently had outpatient surgery, following which I had frequent urination, burning, stinging when urinating and side and back pain on the right side. Went back to my doctor, and she diagnosed a UTI and put me on doxy and Cipro. Took them a few days, but the side and back pain persisted, on and off, in waves. I also became debilitated with extreme fatigue and weakness--i went back to the doctor, and couldn't even fill out a simple form in the office, simply couldn't think or have the energy to write. She sent me to the ER, saying she thought I had a kidney stone. They did a CT scan and said I have stone in my kidney, but  that normally when it's in the kidney it doesn't cause pain. They couldn't explain my other symptoms (included also sweating, fairly frequent urination, low grade fever, confusion). They gave me 2 rounds of pain meds in the ER and I felt better for a couple hours. The next day I felt so rotten and weak I could barely sit up, i couldn't talk, check email or texts, read, move, shower, etc. over the past 3 days it has gotten slightly better. The pain has virtually subsided, but the fatigue is debilitating. Two friends described their experiences with kidney stones as similar--has anyone experienced the same? Does anything help?

I have heard water and beer help a kidney stone pass, but is that only once it's descended? I'm not really in pain, so my doctor thinks it may have shifted around in the kidney (she thinks my symptoms are something else). Anyway. I don't know if it would do any good to try to flush it out at this point or just wait and see. I simply can't go on for much longer feeling this extreme weakness and cloudy head, feeling rotten, etc. I continue to have a low grade fever, but my labs came back after the antibiotics clean. I do have similar symptoms when I get bad sinus infections, but that's clearly not the case now.  Thanks!
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Obviously your body reacts to serious infection in a way many of the rest of ours do not. I only say that because you referenced how your body reacts to serious sinus infections. There is no question but that the pain from a kidney stone can be seriously debilitating, but the extent of that debilitation and the type of debilitation can be different for some people. For example, over the last 35 years and well over 40 plus stones that I have had, the pain I experience puts me literally on the ground, unable to do anything and thinking straight at that point isn't even considered because of the severe pain. If that severe pain were to continue, yes, then I must believe that I'd have a "foggy" mind but again, only due to the continues severe pain. I'd suggest that you drink all the water you can handle to try and flush the stone out. FORGET the beer until AFTER you pass the stone to celebrate. I say that also because you don't want to mix alcohol and pain meds!! Stay close to you treating physician too and if it doesn't pass REAL soon, don't be afraid to ask for more pain meds or ask your doctor to go in and get it out for you in out patient surgery! Please let us know how you are doing too.
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