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Diagnosed with kidney stones, but now having really weird urine

I've been sick since June 17th, with varying symptoms.  Long story short, I ultimately had an ultrasound and CT scan done.  They found a 4.5 cm cyst and 6 mm stone in my right kidney.  Two days ago, even with hydrocodone in my system, I was feeling stabbing pains in my right side.  Yesterday I woke up at 4 am with severe pain in my groin and it felt as though the pain was moving down my side.  I thought my stone was passing and was so happy to be done with it!  At about 3:30 in the afternoon, I felt something pass during urination and luckily it was caught in the strainer.  It was an oblong piece of what looked like a whitish-yellow mucus with some blood on one end.  I put it in a small bag to bring to my doctor in case there's sediment in it.  Since then every time I urinate I pass at least a small amount of this mucus, either in specks or a more liquid form.  My urine is cloudy, where before passing the initial mucus it was clear.  I have a small amount of occasional stabbing pain still, but feel significantly better since passing the initial mucus.  Have I passed the stone without realizing it and am now just passing what's left from infection?  
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I've never experienced anything like you are at the present time in over 30 years of having these stones. That includes times when I had multiple stones in both kidneys at the same time too. I've never had any mucus situations as you've described so I can't comment from experience on that in any way. I will tell you that when I've passed a stone, or stones, I've felt it most of the time (about 95%) and there was no mucus involved for me. The stone passed and it was over for me. The only exceptions were when I had to have surgical intervention, or I had a large stone pass on it's own, and in those cases I had what I call, "after shocks" or basically a kidney stone attack like pain that lasted no more than one day and the episodes of pain themselves were not as great as a real stone pain nor did they last near as long.

I would strongly suggest that you consult your physician and apprise him/her of this situation and get their professional opinion. Good Luck and please let us know what you find out.
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I plan on calling my doctor today about it.  I've pretty much stopped passing anything, but my urine is still cloudy.  Thank you for your information!
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