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Does attached kidney stones hurt

On August 20th i started what i believed another episode of epididymitis.  I had them before and recognized the pain on my right testicle.  However I also had a stronger pain in my right lower abdomen, groin area and both sides of my lower back.  They gave my anti-inflammatory and antibiotics but testing can negative for bacterial stuff.  The pain did not go away, it fluctuates a lot and the lower back pain is the strongest with my right flank and groin line.  Sometimes my urine stinks....  i don’t know if my drugs were doing that or not.

After a month of anti-inflammatory, the pain is still there and my lower back should have got better with anti-inflammatory so I go to see an Urologist.  He rules out epididymitis and suggests a prostatitis.  Go for MRI, new blood tests and eco.  All negative but there is a 4 mm kidney stone, the right one.  It is obviously still attached since i did not experience the extreme pain yet.  Sometimes i get vivid pain higher in my back but only for few seconds.  Sometimes my back gets better for a day or 2 but the pain comes back.

Went to see an ART  (Active release Technique) specialist because i thought it could be muscular since the pain in my right side tends to be affected by bowel movement and deep breading (sometimes).  It actually helped me right away but only for 48 hours.

The bowel movement is the odd thing.  Sometimes, i have more pain when i am about to go the bathroom, it always the same thing, after I went I feel better and the pain feels it comes from the intestine since it's a little dot (quarter size) about where the belt is on my right side.... quite too low to be the kidney.
Now i am pretty clueless about my problem that does not seem to respond to anti-inflammatory, prostatitis treatment, ART treatment, resting or time (2 months now).  Then I wonder if my attached kidney stone could be doing that?  
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