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Frequent urination from stone??

I went to a urologist with uti like symptoms back in July. Urine showed no infection just some blood. Ultrasound showed 7mm stone. I had lithotripsy on September 3rd. I passed a lot of small pieces but ultrasound still shows about 3mm stone in kidney. My main symptom since July 14th is the CONSTANT urge to urinate all day everyday. My urologist just kind of blows it off and says it is from small pieces still trying to pass. I just don't get it. I have no blockage or anything. Does this sound normal? The constant urge to urinate is becoming debilitating. Has anyone experienced this?
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Yes, when I have a stone or stones, I'll have a much more frequent urge to urinate than when I don't have a stone. I've also experienced a very slight burning sensation at times with a stone too. Are you on anything like Flomax? I've noticed a more frequent urge since I've been taking Flomax too. Not sure if that's the Flomax, or just my age coming into play.LOL!
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Thank you for your response. Yes I finally got some flomax about 2 weeks ago but I haven't noticed a difference. I just want the urge to go away it's miserable!!
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I can surely understand what you're experiencing. About 2 weeks ago I was diagnosed with a 3mm kidney stone. Prior that, I had 2 very painful attacks (flack pain) and nothing more. No nausea, infection, blood in the urine, etc. Just when I thought I may be getting over this thing, over the past 2 days I've been suffering from this urge to urinate and like you said, it's miserable! I am able to urinate but the problem is that even when I do, the urge remains and I find myself in the bathroom just straining to go. I still have no pain, fever, cloudy urine, or any other sign of infection, which would be cause to go to the ER, so I'm going to give it a few days and see what happens. What misery. If only this urge would take a break! Good luck to you and thanks for your post. Now I know I'm not alone in all this madness!
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Sorry, I intended to say "flank" an not "flack".
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Hello out there! The same thing is happening to me!!!!! What did you guys end up doing? Just passed a 3MM kidney stone that was stuck at base of my ureter. Now all is clear although they say they're 2 small stone left in my kidney they do not expect to pass but the urgency feeling does not go away. Help! I want this feeling to go away and I need this to go away. Too many depending on me to hold the fort down. Your symptoms are very real. I cried reading this!
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