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Genetic stone disease

I'm looking for some information on my kidney stones, specifically any genetic conditions that predispose someone to get them chronically. I am a 21 year old male, and have had chronic stones since age 15. (at least 5 a year). I have changed my diet, exercise and hydration habits completely, yet the stones seem to be getting more frequent and painful.

I recently found out that my great-uncle died of "brights disease" at age 25 after having chronic stones. Also, a younger cousin of mine (20, male)  is displaying the same symptoms as mine for about two years.

I know that stones occur in a significant portion of the population, but having them so young seems unusual to me and my doctors. I am also worried about the prevalence of this condition in my family. Is there anything you have learned about genetic conditions that might lead me and my doctors in the right direction?
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   I have had kidney stones since about that age and they do occur
in my family. No one in my family has any severe kidney conditions.
As to any potential of inheritance or risk of any severe kidney conditions
if they occur in your family it would be worthwhile to ask your doctor
that question. There are a wide variety of kidney conditions
and their inheritance potential varies. This has
some standard information about kidney stones:
This has helpful medical information
that your doctor would be able to understand and discuss with you about
more uncommon causes:
  Its important to remember that kidney stones are not uncommon
and are easily treatable if followed up on. The other conditions
are clinically rare. However it is always important to let your doctor
know your full family health history. They should be  able
to answer any of your concerns.
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I have been told by a number of Urologists that yes, kidney stones do run in families and are genetic. No one in my family had ever had any stones prior to me that I am aware of, and I have a number of aunts and uncles and cousins on both sides of my family, but my son has now had one stone too, several years ago. I have had numerous stones since 1987, but didn't start having any kidney stones until I was in my 40's. My son was in his 20's when he had his one stone so far.
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You can have some kind of genetic counseling and that may  give you your answers... women do this sometimes before they want to get pregnant... so they make be OB/GYNs... I don't see why they could not check out most of the same stuff in a man, not a woman.

Knowing about the people you mentioned with stones in your family is the key. Men also sometimes have fertility issues and low sperm counts etc and can have genetic counseling.

There should be a urologist who can help you if not, if there is a university medical school with a urology residency program in your state you should find out and contact them. They can refer you.

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