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I'm merely stating

I had sever kidney stones from mid-1980's until about 2008.    I also had my share of lithotripsy's,  both wet and dry.
In 2008 I questioned my urologist about ridding my self of stones.  she told me my stones were of low oxalate and
that if I cut back on about 19 food sources, I should see relief.
On the 19 food sources I cut back about 70% or more.  Since 2009 I have not had ONE  bout of kidney stones.
I asked why the devil did the urologist NOT tell me about those 19 foods.  I could have stopped the kidney
stone attacks in the 80's............. Oh well, better late the never....................
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I'm very pleased to hear that you've had the success you've had by cutting back, or eliminating those food sources. Would you please list them for the rest of us to read and possibly try. Who knows, it may work for others too. Thanks again and your success is great news.
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That's awesome to hear!  Were they low in oxalates - the foods you cut back on?

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