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Invisible kidney stones?

My husband has a history of stones. He is currently experiencing moderate to severe pain on his left side, very low in his stomach. Two ct scans, an ultrasound and two trips to the er and now he is being told it is probably another kidney stone. One that can't be seen on either scan or ultrasound. Is it possible to suffer so much pain with a stone so small it can't be seen in tests?
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Kidney stones cause pain because of blockage of flow of urine and pressure build up in the kidney.  This is called "hydronephrosis" and it is very unlikely that two CT scans and an US would have missed this diagnosis.  I would not assume his pain is from a kidney stone given what information you have reported.  Other things, like diverticulitis of the colon, cause pain in the left lower part of the abdomen and should be evaluated.
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Kidney stones don't have to be large at all to hurt like mad.
I had 4 myself of various size, for one of them I went to the hospital but they couldn't see it so they sent me home.
Two weeks later it finally passed...
Anyway, magnesium can help maybe.
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