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Is it still there...and growing?

In May they found a 4mm stone in my kidney.  I haven't felt it move at all.  Does that mean it is still in my kidney sitting around and growing bigger?  I have had to other stones.  My first one was 11 years ago and  had to be removed surgically when I was 5 1/2 months pregnant and another a couple of years ago I passed with great pain at times and it was over 6mm.  I wait everyday for this one to start killing me but nothing yet.  Do you think it passed unnoticed or is it growing?  HELP!!
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The stone will still be there.  Whether it is getting bigger or not is anyone's guess, but the size would be shown on the scan.

Sometimes the stone can break up on its own and you can pass sediment or grains of sand particles in the urine.  

Make sure that you drink plenty of water.  Some people say that drinking fresh lemon juice with water will help to dissolve the stone (depending on which type of stone it is).

Sometimes the urologist will be able to blast the stone into small particles so that they pass on their own.

You may notice that when the stone starts to move or part of it break up and move, you may get bleeding, sickness and diarrhea with a high temperature as well as pain.  If this happens you will need to see a doctor for an antibiotic.  You will not feel a stone unless it starts to move.

For the pain, take pain relief medications as directed on the box.  Your doctor may prescribe you with stronger pain relief.  

When you urinate, do this into a receptacle so that you can examine the urine and see if there is any sediment or grains of sand come out.  If your urine looks dark, cloudy and smells of kidneys, make an appointment to see your doctor with a urine sample as this would indicate an infection.

Most importantly keep drinking the water.  2 to 3 litres is usually recommended.  Your doctor or urologist may have told you to drink a little more.

It is important when the stone comes out to have it analysed to see what caused its formation.  Depending on the reasons why the stone has formed, you may be advised to avoid certain foods containing purines or uric acids.  In my case I was told to avoid all dairy produce as well as some foods.

Best wishes.

Best wishes.
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Thank you for taking the time to answer me.  :)
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Hope you get on OK.

Best wishes.
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I believe it's possible to pass a 4.0mm stone and not be in much discomfort at all.  I've passed many that size and nothing more than a little cramping.  I also had a full blow obstruction with a 4.0mm one earlier this year.  So you really don't know and can't tell without repeat testing.  It can grow, dislodge, break off,pass completely, partially, etc.

Maybe try not to think about it.  These stones have a way of getting to us if we think about them.  They do rear their ugly head at the most unexpected times .. that is so true, indeed, though.

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