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How can I tell if I've passed a kidney stone?
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Can you say what your symptoms were? Usually passing a kidney stone can be very painful.
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I've had kidney stones twice. First time I had severe pain in one of my kidneys. Second time I didn't know I had kidney stones until I was urinating blood. Then the pain set in. Not fun either time.
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Oh boy! You WILL know if you have or not. My friend gets them often. He gets nausea, he throws up, he wants to pee but can't. Then he gets the pain in the back, can last for hours...He tries to pee and when it finally comes out there is blood and the little stone is dark coloured and very jagged.

Having seen him go through them at least 5 times, you wouldn't need to ask, you would be very well aware of them.
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If they are small, or pieces of a larger stone, sometimes you feel crampy like menstrual cramps (if you are a female) with GI distress and overall fatigue .. then some pinging/stinging in along its travels but oftentimes not enough to know what's going on until it passes and you can sometimes see it floating to be honest.

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strain your urine if you feel you have one.  Easy fix is fish net from pet dept at the store, cheap enough.........not all stones float.........usually you will definitely feel it as it passes, they do not slide out with ease.  

Good luck
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