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Hello, I am new to your forum and am looking for others with similar experience. I have been bothered off and on through this year with what appear to be UTI's. I had two episodes, all the classic symptoms, no blood in my urine, but yet an urinalysis C&S came back with E coli, UTI so I was started on antibiotics. Then I had two episodes with all the classic symptoms again, this time with blood in the urine, and the C&S came back no growth!. Work up was started and I had an U/S of my pelvis and abdomen. The report came back showing a 2 mm nonobstructing caliceal stone in the lower pole of the left kidney. My Urologist has told me the report is fine, and no further work up was advised. I presently do have an appointment scheduled for a second opinion with another Urologist, but to me, that reports sounds like I have a kidney stone and from what I read, it sounds like that could be causing some of my problems...I don't know for sure, but to me it sounds it. I know I am not a Dr. and if he says it is ok, then I have to believe that. I also read where if a stone is in the lower pole, it is less likely to pass on its own??? Can others shed some light to me? I am hoping that it would not require additional treatment such as shock wave, but again, I don't know. Would greatly appreciate hearing from others and their experiences. Thanks all.
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After reading your post I can only assume that because your stone is just 2mm in size, with no apparent growth, that your Urologist thinks it should be able to pass on its own. Usually, from my personal experience, a stone of that size will pass on its own, but can still cause you quite a bit of pain while passing through your kidney. The amount of pain however can differ between stones and between sizes of stones before they do pass. I don't know anything about a stone in the lower pole of your kidney being harder to pass and because of that I'd have to leave that for someone else who knows about that, to answer. Good luck and hang in there.
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I've also wondered about lower pole stones exiting when I have been carrying a lower pole stone.  

I have no proof or study to point to, but since the lower pole stone has gravity working against it most of the day, I drink (lots of water all day and), a little extra water before bed on the thought that perhaps it will help wash the stone out while I am in non-vertical positions at night.

(Additionally, this year I have been jogging, and drinking a lot during the run on the thought that the extra fluid will open the kidney a little, and the jogging will accelerate the stone up and out.  I have been passing stones faster since I started jogging, but also producing more stones.  Dehydration is bad, bad, bad, so if a person weighs less after a run than at the start, running is probably not a good idea.)
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