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Kidney Stones - Pain on left side below rib cage ?


So starting Saturday afternoon (three days ago) I started having a pain in my lower left side.
It was almost like a dull  ache that would act up if I moved or was lying certain ways, with certain shooting like pains sometimes.

It was still hurting Monday and slightly worse so I went to my doctor.
He felt all my right side and there was no pain, along with center below my rib cage.

The pain only hurts in that one area below the rib cage on the left side, and does not hurt from the back.

He prescribed me some buscopan assuming it was a colon issue and said to come back if the pain remained or got worse. So the buscopan didn't do anything, and when I went back today he thought it was an issue with my spleen.

He sent me for blood work, and called me this afternoon telling me it is kidney stones, I have traces of crystal's in my urine and a small amount of blood.

He told me to drink lots of fluids, that's about it.

Just wondering when the pain should go away?
Could they tell that it wasn't a large stone by the tests?

I've had no pain while urinating, it's just delayed if that makes sense.


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