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Kidney Stones & Protein in the urine, please help.

Hello all,

5’.9”, 194 Lbs, 40 Y/O, M, don’t drink or smoke, first kidney stone attack in mid 2007, had two procedures; (a) ESWL end of February 08 which failed and (b) ureteroscopy/laser at the end of May 08 which chattered the targeted stone, post ureteroscopy pain lasted for two month, but in about three month I discovered that more were produced and was able to pass most, as these were slightly softer and easier to pass, recent ultra sound showed only one small fragment at the entry of the bladder.
At the time I saw a GP and he prescribed Cipro, as there were bacteria in urine.

The original stone was solid and looked like real stones; brown/beige, the new ones are redish/yelowish and made up of grains stuck together, they pass either as one stone or fragmented pieces.

Have been doing regular kidney function and urine analysis tests; the thing that is worrying me is the existence of protein in the urine (30mg/dl after fasting/morning) for the past couple of months (was 100mg/dl one month prior to Cipro.), other than this all other aspects are within range.

Last test results (all within range):
RENAL FUNCTION: BUN, Creatinine, Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, Carbon Dioxide, Bun/Crt,
URINALYSIS : Sp. Grav, pH, Glucose, Ketone, Bile, Urine Hgb, Urobilingen, Leukocyte
URINE MICROSCOPY: WBC: 0-1, RBC: 0-2, Epith.cells: 1-2

I also have hereditary high blood pressure (Average 135/85) and high cholesterol, which I’m treating with diet and Crestor 10mg/day (almost within range)

My dad (75) had similar events and now on dialysis as both his kidneys failed recently, which is very disturbing to me.
I’m told that –in the family/paternal- we have some sort of a non-benign cyst on our kidneys, my grand mother had it, but didn’t experience any kidney issues.

Can the recent procedures/constant passing of fragments cause protein in urine?
What other relevant tests should I do?
What do you think is causing this?

I would appreciate any input or thought.


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