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Kidney Stones reamin after lithrotripsy

Hello, I have had 2 kidney stones on L side in Feb and then again in March of this year. I had lithotripsy in March but have had pain remain on L side. It is a burning, pinching that does not go away. Saw my urologist who ordered KUB Xray this past Wed and nurse told me I have ether new kidney stones or fragments that remain in L kidney. The fragment analysis shows that the stone fragments are 95% Weddellite and 5% Whewellite. When I asked the nurse to explain what this means , she told me "it is a mess". My urologist is very busy and quite unapproachable. My appt was cancelled yesterday and rescheduled for next Fri. I do not feel good at all. What is course of action for kidney stone fragments that remain after lithotripsy? Lastly, can elevated BP be related to this?  I appreciate your input. Regards, Michelle
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I'm not a doctor and let me be clear on that right from the start, but I have had over 40 kidney stones now since 1987 so I do have experience with them. I also have elevated BP without meds. YES, the pain from anything can cause your BP to go up and certainly kidney stone pain qualifies for that. When I have one my BP goes up quite a bit when I'm in pain from a stone.

Regarding your other questions, I am not qualified to answer them with the exception of stating that if I were in your shoes, I'd find me another Urologist ASAP. I'd find one that is "approachable" because of your ongoing problems if my present Urologist didn't give me answers and quickly.

Good Luck with your problem and I sincerely hope you get it all straightened out as quickly as possible.
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