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I had WLS Roux En Y in Sept 2006. It was very sucessful and had no problems, I had a wonderful surgeon (Zografakis) in N/E Ohio, and I followed my eating regime to the letter!  Best thing I ever did to improve my health. My weight gain was from long term prednisone for Nephrotic Syndrome I had 3 episodes in the last 5 yrs and although I'd lose 80% of weight the residual 20% compounded and I just couldn't lose all of it, after discussion with my surgeon he  agreed (I was the smallest patient he'd operated on) depending on my pre-surgical test results...Sept 06 I had my surgery, by March 07 I was to begin the nightmare of frequent stone forming!  To date I've had 5 stones I can't pass them as they get stuck  I've undergone removal by scopes/ laser and basket removal.  I researched this and discovered a number of patients to have a higher risk of malabsorption of oxalate. What can I do to stop this occuring. I follow the rules drinking plenty of water 2 ltrs a day which is hard when you've got a small stomach!  Avoiding foods high in oxalate, etc. (protein foods is one of the food groups) which I can't avoid.  It seems the 5th remaining 10mm stone is totally unreachable with a scope as it is located in the mid pole deep in the kidney tissue where a scope can't reach so I'm facing either a lifetime of pain which I have most days or PCNL which my surgeon is reviewing. I have never regretted my choice for WLS, but I think the medical profession need to inform patients when discussing risks and benefits, the possibility of developing stones and the consequences. Worst pain in the world bar none, and I'm a mother of 3 babies, lol!
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