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I have developed 2 huge kidney stones.one the size of a .50 cent piece. I have had the stomach procedure Nissen Fundoplication. in addition a Hiatal Hernia repair.

The urologist said the Nissen Fundoplicatlon could  culprit for the kidney stones.It is almost like a gastric bypass.I loss 40 to 50 lbs.due to the procedure. I don't regret it. It was a tough recovery. just curious on input  about kidney stones  producing in some people at a later date. It will be 2 yrs  in Feb. The 2nd stone I have is larger than a 50cent piece.  Thanks for any help.  Linda

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Hello and welcome,
Any procedure is associated with certain side effects. The complications include gas bloat syndrome, dysphagia, dumping syndrome , excessive scarring, vagus nerve injury, and sometimes achalasia. It is not known that it can cause kidney stones. The location and shape of the kidney stone is important in determining whether it will be removed on its own or need surgical removal. A kidney stone can cause repeated infections so you will need to see your doctor to check your urine for infections and be treated with antibiotics. There is no definite time limit for a stone to come out. You should drink plenty of water at least 2-3 litres per day. This is merely an advice. For more queries and assistance visit your doctor. I sincerely hope it helps.
Good luck and regards!
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