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Kidney right flank pain? Or lung pain?

Hello i have been to the ER 4x in the last week i am having very bad pain that started in the kidney area of my back all the way around to the front making my ribcage get sharp pains. My symptoms include spasms under the ribs and in the right back area . I hear gurgling and feel pressure like something is swollen, Testicles ache on an off, Random shooting pains in abdomen , Horrible headaches with pressure,  Sometimes when i swallow it feels like obtructed but its not, Short a little bit on breath in chest maybe from the pressure with sporadic minor pain. I think my right lymphnode is swollen and a couple times i got extreme deep itch in my muscles. I have had 2 Blood tests, 3 Urine tests ,Lower abdomen cat scan, Ultrasound and chest xray!!!  
I have been taking Tramadol hydrochloride for a few years for pain from elbow surgeries  Dr said liver was fine one thing they did say was my kidney fuction was a little low and dehyrated I feel like im dying  Could this be something to do with Digestive area? Gallbladder?  Lung? it is so inflammed and sore if i push up into the area of my ribcage on the right side , HELP!!!!!!!  Something is wrong but when i go to ER they found nothing my primary care is gone for the holidays and walk in clinic said they will just send me to ER  Also i do smoke little less than pack a day.
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