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Kidney stone in ureter

My mother is 50 years old and has a history of kidney stones for more than 10 years. 2 years back, the ultra sound showed no signs of kidney stones. But 1 month back, she again got the pain in the kidney area and the utrasound now showed small right renal calculus and Moderate right hydronephrosis with dilated upper and mid ureter.

The doctor asked to get a CT scan for KUB correlation. The CT scan report states that right kidney is bulky and oedematous and Calculus measuring 7.0 X 3.0mm with an attenuation value of 438HU in right mid ureter causing proximal hydroureteronephrosis. Minimal perinephric and periureteric fat stranding is seen. No evidence of focal mass lesion.

So, now is there a treatment for the stone in the ureter ? What are the possibilities of curing this ? please suggest.

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Im sorry, i don't have much specific info to provide. Just that stones in the ureter can be treated. I just had a procedure called a lithotripsy for instance. I had stones in both the ureter and the kidney. The dr said before the procedure that he may have to remove the the uretel stones first with a "basket" before the litho. I can't remember the actual name of that procedure though. But I also know that lithotripsy can be done for ureterel stones as well. I wish her luck, I'm sure her dr will be able to help her and provide you with all the information you need. Maybe another member can address your question better. Just wanted to offer the little support I could. Good luck, Im sure everything will be fine
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It looks like you've taken your Mom's report verbatum and retyped it in here believing that all the technical info would help. Although I appreciate your thinking and reason for doing that, basically what all this amounts to is that your Mom has a kidney stone in her ureter. To answer your question, yes this can be treated and the stone removed and I wouldn't overly worry for your Mom. I would wait until your Mom meets with her Doctor again to see which procedure he/she recommends they use and go from there. From what you've stated, your Mom is already experienced with having kidney stones, so I'm sure she has confidence in her Doctor to direct her in the best procedure in her case. I wish your Mom all the best and I too am sure everything will be fine for your Mom.
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