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Kidney stone or what? ?

Hi all please read I had a kidney infection 3 weeks ago I was put on antibiotics for 6 days but I'm still experiencing pain in both sides of my kidneys sometimes moves from one side to the other then to the waist and back again round to my back and a little gurgling stomach felt slightly nauseous and sick pain is moderate . I have done 3 futher urine test no infection showing. . Could this be kidney stones? Something else please help oh and  4 month post partum..struggling with the kids..
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The fact that your pain moves from one side to another would seem to me to indicate that it is not a kidney stone,UNLESS you have a stone(s) in each of your two kidneys. I've had many stones in both sides and I've never had the symtoms that you are describing.
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I've had the same pain, it comes and goes and switches sides. I'm waiting on a ct to figure this out. I had an infection with low grade fever last month but the infection has gone but the pains haven't
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