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Kidney stone passed during sex?

Okay, I'm 38 and have had kidney stone issues off an on since 20, so this isn't my first rodeo, but I did have a rather odd situation I want to get feedback on.

So, on Friday I had excruciating pain in my lower back (normal kidney area).  My normal painkillers weren't doing the trick, so a couple hours at the hospital and a shot of morphine made me feel normal again.  Saturday came and went and no pain.  Sunday I felt pain directly in my penis, as though the stone had moved down and was near passing.  I tried a couple of things involving heavy medication, lots of water, and trying to get it to come out when it would not hurt so bad.  No luck come end of Sunday.  On Monday I didn't really feel anything again, though I could tell there was some form of blockage, but no real pain associated with it.  Monday evening I see my GF for the first time in a few days, and she wanted to have sex.  No problem, no pain, right?  Well, when I am, um, finishing, I kinda am trying to do so gingerly because it feels a bit weird - like blocked up.  Eventually I just kinda relax and it all finishes, but I can't really tell much has happened.  Well, fast forward to tonight when the GF wants to do it again (yes, I know, she's awesome).  At one point in one position I feel like something is just pricking me when I am all the way in and it actually hurts.  So, I stop and move to my fingers.  Sure as hell, I root around in there and I feel something small and hard.  I subtly move it out of her vagina and get it out, and I'll be damned if it doesn't look just like a kidney stone.  I mean, they all look different in size, shape, and color, but it felt hard like one.  

So.....twofold question:

#1 - Anyone else experience this?  I know the two systems don't share very much highway, but is this horridly uncommon or something I should be concerned about?

#2 - Is this anything my girlfriend should be concerned about.  I mean, she had my kidney stone in her for about 24 hours or so.  I wouldn't think so, but would rather err on the side of caution here.

Any feedback, from medical professionals and non is greatly appreciated.  Thank you!
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That certainly is a different way of both passing a kidney stone and then finding it, at least from my experience of over 30 years anyway.  I would assume that your stone was on its way out and had already made most of the trip out when you and the girlfriend decided to get together the first time. No problem there I can see as long as it wasn't a problem for you. As far as it being insdide your GF for 24 hours, it would be just like a piece of sand from the beach and I can't see any residual problem if she hasn't experienced any problems herself. As a side note, I sure wish I could have passed more of my stones over all these years like you did but I don't have that kind of luck!! LOL!
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