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Kidney stone stuck in bladder...

I am currently dealing with a kidney stone stuck in my bladder. It took 2 weeks for the stone to move down my ureter into my bladder. I have had a stone before and am familiar with the pain and symptoms. However this one is causing me an issue. It has been stuck in my bladder for a week and a half. I have been drinking lots and straining my urine. I did have a several (approx 5-6) small particles pass about the size of a grain of sand, but I still feel something in my bladder. Last stone passed within 2 empties of my bladder so I'm perplexed.  I am currently pregnant.  Don't know if this could play a factor as to why it's getting stuck in there. Any insights, suggestions, personal stories?? It would be greatly appreciated. I do have a dr appt this week but they don't like to touch us pregnant people regarding kidney stone issues. I just really don't want to deal a this stone for another 2 1/2 months till baby.
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I had three stones that started giving me severe pain etc starting last March 25. Due to a misdiagnosis and misreading of my cat scan by a VA employee, I lived with that pain until May 5th. when I had a civilian Urologist go in and get all three of them. In addition, over the last 30 plus years, I stopped counting years ago at 30 kidney stones. I'm only telling you this so you can see that yes, I do have experience with these nasty little things.

For me, when the kidney stone(s) finally passes through the kidney and gets into my bladder, my discomfort is over. All my pain is usually while it is passing through my kidney and once it's in my bladder, the only thing I feel might be a very, very, slight burning sensation as it passes out from the bladder and on out.

In that recent issue I mentioned in this post where I had three stones, two were still in my right kidney and one had already passed into my bladder. The two in my right kidney were what was causing me all the pain and discomfort and the one in the bladder wasn't causing me any pain or discomfort at all.The one in the bladder that had already passed through my right kidney was 2.5mm in size and had been in my bladder for about a month at that point and still hadn't passed out yet. My 30 year history with stones shows that once in my bladder, the stone(s) will usually eventually pass on their own.

In your situation, I don't know what size the stone in your bladder is. That stone size may make a major difference. A bigger stone could have more difficulty in passing from the bladder as I understand it. I've passed stones out of my bladder up to 5mm, but that's just me. Your physical makeup may be different, except for the obvious. I'd say that if you're not have a great deal of pain, discuss it with your doctor and see, under all the circumstances, what he/she thinks. As a male, I've never been pregnant so that's uncharted territory for me too, whether it makes any major differences.
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